Guadalupe Union School District – New Junior High School

Guadalupe, CA

In recent years, increasing residential development and changing demographics have resulted in rapid growth in the District’s enrollment and required Guadalupe Union School District to expand facilities at their two existing campuses and build a new Junior High School.

19six Architects worked closely with GUSD representatives and the community to create a detailed, long-term facilities master plan. 19six Architects facilitated a two-month long community outreach program to solicit input from a wide range of district and community stakeholders. The resulting master plan enabled GUSD to visualize what the new school would look like and how they could modernize their existing sites to accommodate future enrollment, ft each school’s programs and reflect the uniqueness of each neighborhood while increasing the quality of student experience at the schools.

19six also worked with The Smith Group to secure funds for the district, from multiple sources including State hardship funds, and to plan to use those funds as efficiently as possible in order to benefit the students. Working with GUSD and the community to prioritize projects and task plans helped the District to prepare a detailed modernization and construction phasing schedule. This engagement resulted in a more extensive and creative set of ideas and a broader base of support for the projects.

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